to automatically make excerpt LXT58V

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Jan 142012


  1. LXT4ST:  Problem: wp-utf8-excerpt is not creating fully-readable excerpts of many posts, including most recent as here, due to the fact that <sup> isn’t an ALLOWD_TAG:
  2. LXT667:  Problem: I dicovered this menu option to set many settings which I had set by the code editor.
  3. LXT6CA:  pause but TO BE CONTINUED.
Jan 082012
  1. LXI1B4=Problem: on, search results, results of all posts in a category, and sometimes the home page listing (of recent posts) are messed up frequently to the point of being largely usuable because post “summaries” are too long, mostly because they are listed in full because the author (including often me) didn’t put in a “<!--more--> tag” so WordPress lists them here in full.
  2. LXI14Z=Goal: For, have code, ideally a WordPress plugin, which automatically generates a readable short max-length excerpt for every post, even with no  “<!--more-[......]MORE