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Jan 082012


  1. LXISUB=subject=

    1. LXIMVS=lastMod_version_status=pst2012.02.02Th1022 0.86 constructing actively
    2. LXITTL=title=our posts’ common terms http://1.JotHere.com/LX93Y7
    3. LXAGVQ=“common terms” include fields, variables, and constants.
    4. LX93Z0=“our posts” are:
      1. LX943X=posts & comments of http://1.JotHere.com
      2. LX9444=event listings/posts of  Meetup.com & similar event post style LX9STY)
      3. LX945F=Ideally many other HTML documents.
  2. the Details=

    1. LXIHDU=ID of a Term’s (Definition vs particular se[……]MORE

Jan 082012
  1. LXI1B4=Problem: on http://1.JotHere.com, search results, results of all posts in a category, and sometimes the home page listing (of recent posts) are messed up frequently to the point of being largely usuable because post “summaries” are too long, mostly because they are listed in full because the author (including often me) didn’t put in a “<!--more--> tag” so WordPress lists them here in full.
  2. LXI14Z=Goal: For 1.JotHere.com, have code, ideally a WordPress plugin, which automatically generates a readable short max-length excerpt for every post, even with no  “<!--more-[......]MORE
Jan 032012

(LX7QC2=created this doc) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  1. Could the presentation of this info be improved? Of course! But I’m not being paid to do this document. So ahead of any nicer presentation, this document is dogfooding of my real love, semantic web research –where semantics first need to be 100% clean & machine-parseable. So if you have concrete improvement ideas which won’t lose any of that, post away! –as yes, it is my eventual goal that humans can easily read this, too. But in the meantime, my goal is to write, and figure out how to write, real things we humans deal with every[……]MORE
Dec 312011
  1. the Subject=

    1. the lastMod_version_status=pst2012.01.21Sat0934 6.2 released
    2. the title=our Meetup.com groups’ visit to SCALE10x http://1.JotHere.com/LX26CM
    3. LX26NU: “SCALE10x” is the official abbreviation for “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo“.
      1. LXTXOE:  –a “fantastic event .. a convention of all things open source that keeps growing in size every yearsays William
      2. LY1L5X–a “community organized event” “celebrating its tenth year”, the largest-by-far open source software conference in Southe[……]MORE
Mar 262011

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/*LI39IH: (div)*/.CSS_statements_LI39IH{/* LI39VK: */background:aqua;/**/}

/*LI3EYT: (col)*/.ID_n_Links_LI3EYT{/* LI3F0N: */width:4em;/**/}

/*LI3MSH: (col)*/.Parents_LI3MSH{/* LI3MUJ: */width:3em;/**/}

/*LI3KKP: (col)*/.Definition_LI3KKP{/* LI3KM8: */width:18em;/**/}

/*LI38M6: */.Importance_LI1JBB{/* LI38RI: */width:20em;/**/}

.Column_CSS_LI36Z9{/* LI37GE: */width:12em;/**/}
.auto-style4 {
text-decoration: line-through;

LIF7T1: &nbsp[……]MORE

Feb 252011
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  1. LG3OE2: Creating Google Analytics account for site this one http://2.LoveRules.Info
    1. with general info
      1. URL[2.LoveRules.Info]
      2. [Account Name][2.LoveRules.Info] -the default
      3. [Time zone country][US]
      4. [Time zone][pst]
    2. with Contact Information
      1. [Last Name][Architect]
      2. [First name][Destiny]
      3. [Country][US]
    3. with TOS .
      1. agree
      2. [Data Sharing][Your account is opted in to receiving benchmarking and ad service features which require access to your Google Analytics data.]
    4. LG3PCG: submit & get https://www.google.com/analytics/provision/tracking[……]MORE
Feb 212011

LGUS4G: well-designed URL (aka URL structure, what WordPress calls Permalink type/structure), especially what a site (such a Web 2.0 site) can choose.

  1. LGUS6S: There are a wide variety of URL patterns one can choose from

    1. LGUS89: especially with Web 2.0 sites, where typically now the backend is a database not a file system.
    2. LGUS9T: WordPress Permalink type/structure plus gives an excellent example of the options available , and, impressively, WordPress even allows this (and subdomain/subfolders) to be changed on the fly.
  2. LGUSNB: URL components

    1. LGUSQC: Table
Feb 212011

LGVVRB: a writing style

  1. LGW5IK: The name “LGWEB3”

    1. LGW9S3: is a current a universal ID (“LG”) ending with “WEB3” for Web 3.0 since the writing style is heavily written with Web 3.0 (Semantic Web) in mind (though doesn’t require it), as well as Web authoring (and does require XHTML).
  2. LGVVTS: text in this format/style will/should:

    1. LGVVXM: maximally avoid repeating/duplicating content

      1. LGVWBS: including (not repeating) content which can be effectively

        1. LGVWEW: referred to via a URL
          1. LGVWPK: including by creating & using anchors (informally “labels”)[……]MORE
Feb 182011

LGSZJX: (document construction continuing) service (economic) to share electronic file/folders across the Internet, potentially also called “Internet file/folder sharing service”

  1. LGTTX2: Using 1 to ~3 of these services seems the way to go for most due to their features.

    1. LGTTTF: Most means for an individual home all the way to a medium-sized organization/business, and likely in teams/departments of a large organization/business.
  2. LH03RT: 20 Notable Services & Software-to-access

    1. LH0IQE: table