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Jan 082012


  1. LXISUB=subject=

    1. LXIMVS=lastMod_version_status=pst2012.02.02Th1022 0.86 constructing actively
    2. LXITTL=title=our posts’ common terms http://1.JotHere.com/LX93Y7
    3. LXAGVQ=“common terms” include fields, variables, and constants.
    4. LX93Z0=“our posts” are:
      1. LX943X=posts & comments of http://1.JotHere.com
      2. LX9444=event listings/posts of  Meetup.com & similar event post style LX9STY)
      3. LX945F=Ideally many other HTML documents.
  2. the Details=

    1. LXIHDU=ID of a Term’s (Definition vs particular se[……]MORE

Jan 032012

(LX7QC2=created this doc) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  1. Could the presentation of this info be improved? Of course! But I’m not being paid to do this document. So ahead of any nicer presentation, this document is dogfooding of my real love, semantic web research –where semantics first need to be 100% clean & machine-parseable. So if you have concrete improvement ideas which won’t lose any of that, post away! –as yes, it is my eventual goal that humans can easily read this, too. But in the meantime, my goal is to write, and figure out how to write, real things we humans deal with every[……]MORE
Dec 312011
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    1. the lastMod_version_status=pst2012.01.21Sat0934 6.2 released
    2. the title=our Meetup.com groups’ visit to SCALE10x http://1.JotHere.com/LX26CM
    3. LX26NU: “SCALE10x” is the official abbreviation for “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo“.
      1. LXTXOE:  –a “fantastic event .. a convention of all things open source that keeps growing in size every yearsays William
      2. LY1L5X–a “community organized event” “celebrating its tenth year”, the largest-by-far open source software conference in Southe[……]MORE