representing|rep info NTLJG6

  1. NTLJG6:  category ‘representing|rep info NTLJG6’
    1. NTLJHO: defintion: info|information M1EQW0 which represents something else
Apr 062012

LG9UXL: (Version 0.2) :[locked: AnytimeInnovator is editing this externally as wp_backup_LGE800.htm

  1. LGA8GF:Overall
    1. LGA8GL: Official page
  2. LG9XDZ:Backing up WordPress (database & files) via (not mutually-exclusive):
    1. LG9XFR: standard approach: a standard backup approach
    2. LG9X87: SCM approach: a SCM (such as git or Bazzar)
      1. LG9UYO: since I’ve know WordPress, this has seemed the best approach.
      2. LG9XAA:Pros thru cons:
        1. LG9XLN: huge pro: Infinite versions, all history
        2. LG9XM0: big pro: professional differencing &[……]MORE
Jan 152012
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Version 1.0

  1. LXUZEF: Common motives:
    1. LXV1SG: With any new world comes some new responsibilities, including un-obvious ones, if it is indeed to be a better world:
    1. LXV25V: In the paper world, where nearly all records were in ink/print and personal copies (as a receipt or signed contract) were handed out as typically the only way to share the info, past history of written claims was kept automatically: all one had to do was save & file it.
    2. LXV27M: But in the digital world, where information is trivially permanently erased (a bad habit we got into as it was originally una[……]MORE