Jan 092012
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Oct 152011

updated 2011.09.16pst1607 (10% complete 1st draft)​
​A serious problem of default WordPress is that it alters the HTML given it

​including inserting p-tags and br-tags (such as when there is a blank line in source HTML) and often removing the class- & id-attributes.


​The HTML templates used on this site, such as the one this paragraph is in, depend on HTML to be unalterted & interpreted normally, including class- and id-attributes to remain, plus additional whitespace and blank-lines in source to be ignored.

I was recommended ​Text Control at WordCamp LA DevDay.


Sep 072011
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​For this document, edit only the source LR5R64 as other instances (in WordPress as LR5Y5N and Writely as LR5YLT) are copies and typically with info loss.​


Source Source Source Displayed Source HTML Occurences column property
Feb 252011
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LH7H21: :

  1. LH7H2Q: Goals (for CSS hosting), from roughy mostly to least
    1. LH7HK1: Desired source includes:
      1. LH7LAT: see (CSS source) Possiblities
    2. LH7HMM: Referenced by (including):
      1. LH7HZA: (Set Theme’s) “First Additional Stylesheet”
      2. LH7J8H: The link-tag in the HTML page.
    3. LH7H7N: The distributed CSS can be auto-generated from source-code so that
      1. LH7HGX: For speed, comments can be stripped out.
      2. LH7HH3: possibly higher level languages can be used for definition as
        1. LH7HHI: HTML formatting (what I’ve done before; put ref here)
        2. LH7HHN: http://sass-lang[……]MORE
Feb 042011
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LG2T17: :

  1. LH7HQD: Including (TOC)
    1. LH7HQP: Setup to Suffusion 3.7.3
    2. LH7HR3: set flexible-width & margins
    3. LH7HRI: include (CSS L6QZ39)
  2. LG2TG5: From q[Twenty Ten 1.1 by the WordPress team] which is driving me batty as
    1. LG2TGC: It’s a fixed width theme
    2. LG2TGN: especially in the editor because it forces the text margins to be the width of the displayed page which is fixed
  3. LG2TGZ: Want
    1. LG2THC: A flexible-width theme
    2. LG2THJ: likely a  BuddyPress theme, as I think I will be using that soon.
  4. LG2THS: Unfortunately searching for q[flexible-width AND b[……]MORE