camera NMGHNK


Jan 262012

Version 0.6

  1. LYF67F: For me,
  1. LYF65N: This happened for 2 of my 2 units, both within ~1 month of buying them new
  1. LYF6D2: How did the cracks happen?
  1. LYF71Y: I don’t know exactly.
  2. LYF72D: Did NOT happen when the unit was hit (as by a fall) as a hit never happened.
  3. LYF73F: My best guess is it happened when the unit was in my back pocket while I driving (sitting in the driver’s seat, which are always cushioned)
  1. LYF8EMOfficial page for model features pic of camera being conveniently stored in back pocket of even-woman’s tight jeans.
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