mobile OS device MTPB0Q

NMGJK8=name: from “mostly running mobile-OS MTPB0Q” (which could also suggest “also failing to run it”) to “mobile OS device MTPB0Q”, short for “primarily to run mobile-OS(s)”, per intent & use.

Nov 142015

OCVB37: Qi (inductive power standard) ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :

  1. ‘section’
    1. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
    2. NXPUKE ‘post history additional’‘history in reverse order’ 
      1. OCUUQD:  post: update to {latest format: that of /5635#OCTAXR} including in reverse order:
        1. update NXPTOM
        2. OCUWJR:  make more compact by
          1. OCV2BU:  images: position: from inline to right
          2. OCV2BX:  ad multiple lines combine into 1.
          3. OCV2C2:  pics: cut from each offer and put the best on the model.
        3. cut
          1. ‘intro & overall’
          2. post name & ‘post image’
          3. [……]MORE

Mar 142015

NL2H0Q:  the “Trio AXS 4G” (tablet)Trio AXS 4G (tablet) showing 4 of 6 sides –my experience

  1. NL37S5:  model: maker, Google Shopper,“GTIN 00878376003402” so UPC 878376003402.
  2. NL37XN:  I purchased mine 2014.11.26 from Walmart local stores for $149 plus $39 for 2 years for (the vendor Walmart’s) extended warrantee + 8.25% tax + 0 shipping, with a standard return policy of 100% money-back within 15 days.
    1. NL2H48:  As this document is public, the serial number and exact identifying marks are not included here for privacy
  3. NL4562:   I bought & use this tablet to replace my mobile phone, while still getting mobile[……]MORE
Sep 252013

MAZBVC: post essentials

Nov 082012

Android gadgets for TV are starting to come out. While using a touch-screen GUI on a non-touch TV is a little rough, reviewers seem to be very happy with the system. And TV-specific apps are starting to appear, especially XBMC.

The field is changing fast, and manufacturers want to be cheap, so every options will have some shortcomings, and every month or two a new option appears. So overall the field is very young, but the options available today work pretty well.

My favorite option would be the Ouya, but that won’t be out til April 2013, and there’s a good chance that when it c[……]MORE

Aug 222012

M96XJB::Released 2012.05, the ~$75 MK802 is one of the more popular & sexy-looking Android computers, shown here with a N5901 (wireless combo keyboard & trackball) costing presently ~$34 extra.

M95GTD:Android (thin computer|PC|Media Player)

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M95K4S: Name, from my most=to-least preferred:

      1. M95JMN:Might be better called an Android thin computer” else “Android micro-desktop computer” since it’s a general Android personal computer minus any built-in display[……]MORE