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Jan 152016

NIDF50 ‘-’

  1. NYM1X1 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none
  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING
  3. O18FT1:  Thoug I developed these rules independently, ‘Johnny Mercer‘s 1944
    song ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive’ had the start of the idea here in its lyrics
    ‘Eliminate the negative ..’

    NZ3GR7 ‘name anew’

    1. O108YK ‘‘minimize ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :NIDF7K’ :NIDF50

    2. O104ON “avoid-including-minimize[……]MORE