0.JotHere.com definition LXK5JI

Jan 152012

version 1.0

  1. LXUVP9: especially for
  1. LXUVTB: websites sites which do not adequate versioning & archving of their content and frequently loose prior content, such as http://Meetup.com
  2. LXUVUM:  making versioned snapshots of web pages including the present layout
  • LXUVXV: Usage in practice
    1.  LXV35R:  See some motives for & against externally archiving & versioning websites http://1.JotHere.com/LXV2PI
    2. LXUWZM: To archive web every public & essentially-public web page I do-or-may care about (including most all those which I’ve posted on) which could or will h[……]MORE
    Jan 092012
    1. LXK3X8: Problem: http://StashIt88.DreamHosters.com/L8IPUB (and generally its parent folder) is JotHere material, including where JotHere’s CSS is to be stored, but is not under the JotHere domain.  Caveats:
    1. LXK44X: http(|s)://StashIt88.DreamHosters.com/(4 folders) is daily use for Subversion and would take about 1 day of work to convert to another domain after the repositories were moved there.
    2. LXK44F: StashIt88.DreamHosters.com has its own IP, and it & any manifestations need this for secure Subversion connections.
  • LXK4CW: A solution: Add a *.JotHere.com CNAME to Sta[……]MORE