Oct 152015

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Jul 292015
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We are looking for an experienced Linux C language programmer who can port a Linux based Asterisk VoIP unicom to different hardware platforms and hosting environments.

The linkage with Legacy Systems must conform to the HL7 format. This is a workgroup environment. We are evaluating whether Python will be an ideal language for supporting the interoperability applications.

Cyvernetics is deploy a new system architecture. It features advanced, easy to manage cryptology. It addresses interoperability with major legacy systems. The initial application is the Electronic Healthcare Rec[……]MORE

May 042015
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Finding “Little Things”


Video Club of Laguna Woods

I’ve long been fascinated with the tiny decorative touches that my friend of many years, Jinny Robertson, creates around her home in Northern California. I was planning to visit the Robertsons during the summer of 2014, and my original idea for this video was to take pictures of what I saw and to assemble the photos into a short video, cutting quickly between photos on the beat of some appropriate music. I actually planned it as a gift for my friends. I thought it was much to[……]MORE

Jun 262014
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May 052014
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Apr 022014
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I am so excited using Google Voice (GV). A  had this account for almost three years if not more but I never really used it until I met DESTINY!!

Destiny insisted that I configured it properly and use it. At first, I thought  “who is this pushy guy” 😉 and then I said to myself, “let’s just give it a try” and  honestly, I am a google voice “convert”. I love love love it!!!

Thank you Destiny! You are AWESOME!!!

And for the rest of you out there reading this post, USE google voice it’s pretty cool!

Mar 102014
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We have heard this word times without number but what does it really mean? This is a question worth pondering on.  Depending on whom you ask, there is always a different answer. Sometimes, you run in to two persons with same answer but this is often rare. In such cases, I have found that one person may come up with a definition and other(s) agree nonetheless, we have a definition.

Now, let’s examine this word critically and determine what definition we want or need to stick with.

According to Wiki

Success may refer to:

Feb 012014

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