Mar 232011

LIF5BS:  (under construction; ~15% complete) 

  1. LIF5LC:  Intro

    1. LIF5R7:  This to be the leading repository for table definition & constructs used on
    2. LIF5ST:  It aims to include the following:
      1. LIF5TA:  Component definitions, including
        1. LIF5XT:  Columns
        2. LIF5V7:  CSS code
      2. LIF5TK:  Table definitions (which are chiefly collections of the above)
      3. LIF605:  It draws upon & (may become the future home of) my other leading table work including
        1. LIF62A:  term_etal_LF7LKL
        2. LIF6AE: =6AEKM37RH/_self_KY9VY8/history_KY9V40/L02F67.ods
        3. LIF7RW:  KM37RH/style_KMW0XW/template/table/_KZQ0N7.htm
    3. LIF5YP:  It is quite possible because of the extent of coverage this will need to be broken into sub-posts.
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Mar 222011
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LIH03C: :

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