Mar 262011

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/*LI39IH: (div)*/.CSS_statements_LI39IH{/* LI39VK: */background:aqua;/**/}

/*LI3EYT: (col)*/.ID_n_Links_LI3EYT{/* LI3F0N: */width:4em;/**/}

/*LI3MSH: (col)*/.Parents_LI3MSH{/* LI3MUJ: */width:3em;/**/}

/*LI3KKP: (col)*/.Definition_LI3KKP{/* LI3KM8: */width:18em;/**/}

/*LI38M6: */.Importance_LI1JBB{/* LI38RI: */width:20em;/**/}

.Column_CSS_LI36Z9{/* LI37GE: */width:12em;/**/}
.auto-style4 {
text-decoration: line-through;

LIF7T1: &nbsp[……]MORE

Mar 232011

LIF5BS:  (under construction; ~15% complete) 

  1. LIF5LC:  Intro

    1. LIF5R7:  This to be the leading repository for table definition & constructs used on
    2. LIF5ST:  It aims to include the following:
      1. LIF5TA:  Component definitions, including
        1. LIF5XT:  Columns
        2. LIF5V7:  CSS code
      2. LIF5TK:  Table definitions (which are chiefly collections of the above)
      3. LIF605:  It draws upon & (may become the future home of) my other leading table work including
        1. LIF62A:  term_etal_LF7LKL
        2. LIF6AE: =6AEKM37RH/_self_KY9VY8/history_KY9V40/L02F67.ods
        3. LIF7RW:  KM37RH/style_KMW0XW/template/table/_KZQ0N7.htm
    3. LIF5YP:  It is quite possible because of the extent of coverage this will need to be broken into sub-posts.
  2. [……]MORE

Mar 222011
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LIH03C: :

  1. now requests 3 updates:.
    PollDaddy Polls

    Create and manage PollDaddy polls and ratings in WordPress

    Version 1.8.9 | By Automattic, Inc.
    There is a new version of PollDaddy Polls available. View version 1.8.10 details or update automatically.
    There is a new version of Pretty Link (Lite Version) available. View version 1.4.56 details or update automatically.
    WP Super Cache

    Very fast caching plugin for WordPress.

    Version | By Donncha O Caoimh | Visit plugin site
    There is a new version of WP Super Cache available. View version details or update automatically.


Mar 202011

(under construction, latest source in file 364)

  • LIBKJS: LIBKJS: doing change LIBJ21=doing change /321#LIBJ21 :
    1. LIBK08: request it and got “should take effect within 5-10 minutes”
    2. LIBKMB: =MB: (20110319­utc192523) is giving me:

      Domain Cloaking Error

      We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!

      Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domains > Manage Domains area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

      Error: no domain — if you recently s[……]MORE

  • Mar 192011

    LI5ANZ:  :

    1. LI70DG: coming soon!
      Host your writings here for free!


      // //


      Got a thought?
      Jot it here! ™
      Be it something public you want to share to the world,
      or (soon) something private you want to share with a few or just for you,
      Jot it here! ™
      Get published any writings just sitting in your computer or in your email:
      Jot it here! ™LHBPCZ: SCALE9x friends, Welcome! Here’s under-construction real JotHere content.

      LHBPKA: So what’s (Features & Uniqueness)

      1. LHCNIW: In short, it’s free web publishing for much (& i[……]MORE
    Mar 192011
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    Interested in the history of aprons?

    Following is a talk on apron history presented by my daughter, Lisa Parker-Meredith of Mission Viejo, CA, at the annual Spring Tea of Sigma Alpha Sorority Eikostos Deuteros Council Saturday, March 19, 2011, at Woodbridge Village Association, Irvine, CA. Aprons were the theme of the fundraising event. With her partner Debi Purcell, Lisa designed and markets a line of 50’s aprons under the name of PurPar Hollywood Aprons. If you would like to learn more about PurPar aprons, please leave a comment requesting info with your email and/or p[……]MORE

    Mar 192011

    LI7HIT: (under construction)

    1. LI7C8K: GS[edit wordpress offline] -> recommending first so give a try on test site  with username Admin.
      1. “About” says Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3502.922)
      2. LI7C9M: It gives error q[Can’t connect to your blog service: \ problem with the blog server – Server Error 405 Occurred \ XML_RPC services are disabled on this site. An admin user can enable them at[……]MORE
    Mar 182011
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    LI9F1D: (Under construction, ~30% done)

    1. LI9F5Z: Pros thru Cons:

      1. LI9F6Z: BIG PRO: Overall: for most common small documents, maximally easy & fast  (great scanning & good-or-great OCR)
      2. LI9FEY: FAST, including fast OCR
        1. LI9FU7: The limiting factor is adding keywords (if you don’t use the highlight keyword feature)
        2. LI9FV2: You probably won’t need anything faster (the speed here won’t be the limiting factor) if, after your doc is loaded in, you’re going to review the pages (and fix anything, though usually it’s all perfect) and also file/keyword it -that time after[……]MORE
    Mar 032011
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