Oct 122011

(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.10.17(Mon)pst1731) (LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA in-starter-use) (LT2NAM

(LSZTHR=(Meetup event listing’s )discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order http://1.JotHere.com/LSZ1QK)  )

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LSZ259 a discussion thread tied 1-to-1 with an event listing)
    2. (LSZ95J Every event listing of any complexity should have and advertise 1 of these threads else the functional equivalent since it’s functionality key for events of any complexity)
    3. (LT2FZT designed for any event listing of
    1. (LT2GEW Meetup
      1. (LT2GAI since a Meetup event listing currently lacks this functionality –unless the listing creators (or Meetup.com) eventually sense the problem and add a solution as this
      2. (LT2J0B so currently listing creators have to manually add this)))
    2. (LT2GNG potentially another Meetup.com-like service))
  2. (LSZB48 Purpose: to record & share ideally-all (details of a-certain-kind) relevant to the event listing which happened prior, during, and after[……]

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