Jan 302012
  1. LYMPDL: On HBO-E Ch 501, ending at pst1230, I just saw portions of  His Way (2011), an bio on Jerry Weintraub, about which demonstrated the point of the title.
  1. LYMR94: Why I note this: an apparent successful example of Romance-Friends or polyamory or polygamy.
  2. LYMPOZ: Wife heavily controlled by telling Jerry that every bimbo he sleeps with he’d have to pay her $1 million.
  3. LYMRAP: Wife “I’m okay with that; I want you to be happy.” “I think I had a different view of how people should handle their marital relations than a lot of Americans do who haven’t experienced what I went[……]MORE
Jan 282012

LYI98CHi, Jeffrey Peacock! (Founder & Organizer of SoCalAndroid)

  1. LYI98S: I hope you will pleased to know OCAndroid is promoting your SoCalCodeCamp talk today, to all its members! -just Ctrl-F for your name there to see.  Good luck on the presentation! Our listing even includes a link to it.
  2. LYI99F: And as you know OCAndroid has not just brought SoCalAndroid additional members, but also brought members you’re now working with (Donna, James Turner) including some (as Donna) I’m told you’re hiring –congrats! Plus increased weekly attendance 2 to 3x, doubled the pizza, adde[……]MORE
Jan 272012
LYHMOZ:On http://1.JotHere.com, if you want to publish full-posts, not just comments, once you’ve registeredrequest your role be upgraded to Author http://1.JotHere.com/809#LYHMOZ


  1. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~1x/3mo; ID of last item is version ID.
  2. M87XAJ:has all key details are in BOLD with most-essential & -timely first.


  1. M32KLM[……]MORE

Jan 272012
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version 0.11

I’ve been working on a website for my daughter, Lisa Parker-Meredith’s student film, “Jo-Jo,” being produced by a crew from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, with Lisa as Producer/Writer/Director. The main purpose of the site is to help the student filmmakers raise the funds needed to carry out their project. It’s a fictional film dealing with an urgent issue.

Take a look at  jojoshortfilm.com.

Jan 262012

Version 0.6

  1. LYF67F: For me,
  1. LYF65N: This happened for 2 of my 2 units, both within ~1 month of buying them new
  1. LYF6D2: How did the cracks happen?
  1. LYF71Y: I don’t know exactly.
  2. LYF72D: Did NOT happen when the unit was hit (as by a fall) as a hit never happened.
  3. LYF73F: My best guess is it happened when the unit was in my back pocket while I driving (sitting in the driver’s seat, which are always cushioned)
  1. LYF8EMOfficial page Sanyo.com for model features pic of camera being conveniently stored in back pocket of even-woman’s tight jeans.
  1. Archived this page[……]MORE
Jan 242012
  1. Version 0.5
  2. LYBMNK: Intro
  1. LYB8NQ:   http://support.dell.com/support/DPP/Index.aspx?s=dhs for says unit comes with:
  1. LYBVYV: Supply says output is “19.5V, 4.62A, center-is-plus”
  2. LYBW6X: GS(WK890 tip mm) says tip is 7.4mm*5.0mm
  3. LYBMGW: The power input plug on this supply is straight, sticking out of the laptop about 2 inches, which caused great stress when it was bumped, and eventually the male/external part of the plug failed.
  • LYB8IP:   the power connector I fixed for it now lacks[……]MORE
  • Jan 202012

    LY4JM7: our group’s standard for the main picture on every member’s group profile http://1.JotHere.com/9va http://1.JotHere.com.767#LY4JM7

    1. LY4JPG:  Our Group Standard

      1. LY4L2J:  main-pic criteria: at all times, every member of our group must have a “good” main picture on his/her group profile, meaning, from most-crucial, specifically a picture:

        1. M4RCO3:   such as these
          1. M4RCP6:  EXCELLENT: 
          2. M4RCT7:  VERY GOOD: Ben's OCAndroid profile pic
        2. LY4LLS: where most anyone can link the person in-person with their profile
          1. MBSKEV: Specifically link in both directions: 
            1. LY4LNN: spot that pers[……]MORE
    Jan 202012
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    1. LY3EUH:  For portable and small & scalable logo file, want to move from Photoshop to SVG, notably via popular open source editor InkScape.
    2. LY3EW6:  As starter image, find a computer keyboard key svg.
    1. LY3EYH:  Eventually pick http://openclipart.org/people/Anonymous/Anonymous_keyboard_key.svg
  • LY3EYS:   In Inkscape, create  LY3DD4().svg
    1. LY3FR6:  Found out that
    1. Inkscape does save the the individual letters of a text string put into it
    2. The text string put into Inkscape can’t be found in the source file by normal search (however Inkscape can extract & reedit i[……]MORE
    Jan 182012

    Version 1.2

    1. LXYHHXwhen communicating with anyone in writing, especially when working with them (be it a date or a job), these rules
      1. LXZMDA: –I feel are just respectful logical common sense, so
        1. LXZMAZI follow (them )religiously
        2. LXZMFGand I would every other person would also do the same,
          1. LXZMPM: but since people often don’t (either being not respectful or having different ideas or (most likely) not yet realizing & internalizing the importance this stuff), I spelled them out.  
    2. LXZM73from most to least essential (though all are important):
    Jan 162012
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    Considering options for a JotHere.com logo, the first thing that comes to mind is the now well-established trend to have a very small “bug” for such sites, usually square in shape. Think Facebook and Twitter. So how about a “J”? Is “J” already taken?

    Indeed it is, we learned, although that won’t stop us.

    We found a New York Times article in the “Media Decoder” column of their Media & Advertising section titled “Online Sharing: The Why, What and When of 2011.” Author Jennifer Preston cites the research of Clearspring’s AddThis, “which provides sharing tools and analytics on 1[……]MORE