Mar 302012

M1PJMK register/create an account on

  1. M1PJPW Why?

    1. M1PJRQ Free for life
    2. M1PLNY Takes only about 10min to familiarize yourself with these startup instructions then only about 3min to actually do them; and less time as we improve the site.
    3. MA1RST You are in good company!  On the right-hand column of every page, see  the bios some of the people posting here. And, if you desire, you can have a bio here, too!
    4. MA1ZZV You’ll be helping improve this site, which needs it now especially being that it’s in alpha.
    5. M236K6 You’ll[……]MORE
Mar 292012
  1. M1OPTG:Subject:

    1. M1OPK4: title: doing a presentation for & at our community group’s meetup
    2. M1OPM6: where “our community group” is any adopting this method, such as Meetup Universal Rules endorsers.
  2. M1OHA5:Why present?

    1. M1OHTV:Not hard (indeed we make it maximally easy), including

      1. M1OI7R: (in OCAndroid) we’ve done it for over 2 years for dozens of presentations already.
      2. M1OHW9: you don’t even have brin[……]MORE
Mar 282012

M1MELJ Version 1.1

  1. M1MFOE: Title: OCAndroid Developers[+Users] Meetups hour range: expand from 7:00pm-10:00pm to say 6:00pm-10:00pm
  2.  M1MFOY: Status: PROPOSED

  3. M1MVDC: What (hour range) expansion?

  1. M1MVDX:  Going after 10:00pm is a NO:
  1. M1MVFR: simply not possible at our present & very-good venue as they close promptly then.
  2. M1MVG110:00pm starts to be late for ~15% of attendees.
  • M1MVKS: Staring at 6:30pm
    1. M1MVLK: My original idea when proposing this, but now I don’t even think this is enough
  • M1MW4A: Starting at 6:[……]MORE
  • Mar 272012

    M1KK4H Version 1.0

    1. M1KK60: Title: apps (webmobile, & native) in JavaScript+HTML+CSS
    2. M1KLAV: Originally if 1 wanted to develop an app, one had to pick a language for each type of platform it was to run on:
    1. M1KLC9: For the increasingly popular web browser, the only choices were:
    1. M1KLDG:  HTML+CSS plus JavaScript and/or (rather weird & limited) XSLT
    2. M1KLYC: Limited Java if using GWT which is complex & requires another level of compilation.
  • M1KLER: For the big-3 desktop environments, the big choices were
    1. M1KLG4: In pow[……]MORE
    Mar 262012

    ONN0DH: badge including ‘name-tag and similar :ONNBZ2‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :

    1. ‘section’
      1. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
      2. ‘history in reverse order’
        1. ONT2CL:  ‘op’  to resume editing after safety save after {;date 2017.04.02SunPst1624 ;polish .6 ;version 2 ;words 2702 ;revision 6}
        2. ONQU6Y:  (start) restoring work lost per ONQU4Z in reverse order
          1.  ONQU8N:  format update to {latest: that of /5960#ONOPS4}
            1. ONRA2E:  cutting quote
              1. M0SMY9: Definition via its history, in order by when-start, bolding only in curren[……]MORE

    Mar 252012

    Version 0.7

    1. Title: Terms-Of-Service
    2. M1F0YU: Definition:
    1. M1H82W:  Let “the company” refer to, which is based in Lake Forest, CA, USA.
    2. M1H7X7: Every user of the company’s website must agree to all the following terms (points listed from least obvious):
    1. M1PM2S: Money involved
    1. M1HDNKThis site is essentially free, meaning there is no charge to use the site to read, post, and have an account, except for eventual additional pay-to-access content.
    2. M1PM70This site aims to pay its content authors ov[……]MORE
    Mar 252012
     Posted by on UTC 2012.03.25Sun at 22:56 Uncategorized 1 Response »

    Version 2.0

    1. M1EVLW: Definition. M1EVAE is the situation where:
    1. M1I8U3: all a system’s informational content:
    1. M1EVMZ: must not (exist elsewhere with similar utility) unless (merely a reference within some statement meaningfully involving it)
    2. M1H34D: if it’s repeated, then it could not obviously be made shorter (as via reference to what is to be repeated instead of actually repeating) without (hurting its utility=NOT giving it similar or better utility).
    1. M1H99B: By no accident, this is an application of Einstein’s “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but n[……]MORE
    Mar 242012
     Posted by on UTC 2012.03.24Sat at 14:15 admin, this site's spam NQBNJQ 4 Responses »

    Version 1.0

    1. M1ELNBHere says his site now has 857 pending posts and
    1. M1EMGG: about pages 33/43 of them are all modified (so start?) since “2012/03/22” (about 1.5 days ago), so the site is being flooded with pending-posts,.
    2. M1EO5U: Regarding the posts from the totally unknown, most, maybe all, seem to be to push an off-site URL at the end of the article: thus spam.
    3. M1EMGY: Which users are involved and how much? Sorting by author to get the counts for each, then resorting by decreasing quantity: And unless mentioned, these users are totally unknown.
    1. M1EN9J:  529=11+25*2[……]MORE