Aug 222012

M96XJB::Released 2012.05, the ~$75 MK802 is one of the more popular & sexy-looking Android computers, shown here with a N5901 (wireless combo keyboard & trackball) costing presently ~$34 extra.

M95GTD:Android (thin computer|PC|Media Player)

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M95K4S: Name, from my most=to-least preferred:

      1. M95JMN:Might be better called an Android thin computer” else “Android micro-desktop computer” since it’s a general Android personal computer minus any built-in display[……]MORE
Aug 192012

M90XUGSiliconDust especially their “HDHomeRun Network Attached Digital TV Tuners”

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8VOWD: See the title for topic
    2. M90Y3F: SiliconDust
      1. M90Y4M:Official URL
      2. M90Y8E: “formed in early 2007, introducing HDHomeRun Network Attached Digital TV Tuners to the consumer market.” also “Silicondust offers a variety of models for Consumer, Industrial, and Commercial use.” and these still seem to be their only line of business, says About page.
      3. M90YAS says their produ[……]MORE
Aug 192012

M92VRODuplicate post!; see instead the original.

M87UOR:ACCIDENTAL DUPLICATE: OCAndroid Main Meetup #60(pst2012.08.27mon1800-2200: including TBA): DISCUSSION THREAD OF WHAT WILL, IS, & DID HAPPEN beyond the event listing

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M325R1:For what is posted here & how, please read each link above, especially the last one; then PLEASE COMMENT HERE AND ADD MORE TOPICS & POINTS!
    2. M90U53:series post:all,(event:prior,next).
  2. M33Q1M:Additional document history, in order:

    1. M87UNY:I Destiny create this by, on the (the[……]MORE
Aug 192012
 Posted by on UTC 2012.08.19Sun at 03:50 (Google Drive )WebDAV access M900UR 2 Responses »

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8VOWD: See the title for topic
    2. M9000QA free service for giving WebDAV access to one’s Google Drive (content=files & folders)
      1. M9008N: “8 Mar, 2010: Version 1.0 Released.” says “News” of FAQ
      2. M900CG: Official website:
        1. M900DN: The “” means it is a Google App Engine application hosted under this Google domain, but I see no indication it was written by Google.
    3. M900K0: See comments for additional details including usages.
  2. M3[……]MORE

Aug 172012
 Posted by on UTC 2012.08.17Fri at 12:17 laptop LYBN2O No Responses »

M8WX5V: Sony (notebook|laptop) PCG-884L probable-SN 28..59 public notes

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8VOWD: See the title for topic
    2. M8XUJA:Model
      1. M8XUAM: Unfortunately bottom has a model # which is valid but appears 2nd ary & is currently undocumented.
      2. M8XU8A: BIOS says: “PCG-GR390(UC)”; above keyboard says “PCG-GR390”
        1. M8XUMHMaker support
      3. M8WZ4B:Bottom says “Model PCG-884L”
        1. M8WZCG:  Google Search
        2. M8WZ4K: Official info
          1. M8WZ4U:
            1.  M8WZ6A: Only has warranty, no[……]MORE
Aug 162012
 Posted by on UTC 2012.08.16Thu at 19:49 Dell Studio 1737 LYBN4L 12 Responses »

M8VOM2: Dell laptop Studio 1737 service tag CM..K1 public issues

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8VOWD: See the title for topics
    2. M8VOWT: .See comments for issues
  2. M31R7R:Some Additional document history, in order:

    1. M8VONT: I create this
      1. M3KNZ6:Why?  Before, instead was:
        1. Not done
        2. M3KOSW:reached my limit when
          1. M8VOZZ: Now sending into service
      2. M3KNXM:by:
        1. M37OOV:on (the most similar recent one=h latest version M8TIDM, do New Draft.
        2. M37OP0:then there: give this a new ID & updated con[……]MORE
Aug 152012

M8SFB8Google Drive

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8SH0M:Before 2012.04.24, was poorly called “Google Docs“, specifically ‘the filesharing component’ of the Google Docs application suite.

      1. M8T9LG: But “Google Docs”, suggests items (as “Docs”), not container (as “(computer )Drive”) and was also the name of the application suite (& still is) which was confusing.
    2. M8SJC4:–one of the top, most popular, powerful, and inexpensive of service to share file/folders across the Internet.

      1. M8SLUK:Never had a service like this before? It’s quite[……]MORE
Aug 132012

Showtime logoM8QAW5Showtime Networks

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8QBS1:
    2. M72CMP:Notable: one of the top ~20 television producers & distributors in the world.
    3. M8QCYVOriginal shows/series
      1. M8QD24:See
      2. M8QCLP:In the romance sector, fair leading-edge & gutsy by developing & releasing major shows, most notably:
        1.  M8QCOZ:Queer as Folk (2000-2005, Drama)
        2. M8QCSM:The L Word (2004-2009, Drama)
        3. M8QCUH:”The Real L Word (June 20, 2010–present)”[……]MORE