Sep 282012
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  1. MB2F4O:  About to make changes (CSS) to the theme & so do any updates it needs first.
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Sep 252012

business card MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).jpgMAWYZ1:Daily group-watch&discuss Showtime’s insightful hot reality show “POLYAMORY” Season 1, 2012.09.25-<=.10.04 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US


  1. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~weekly so load/refresh it then. ID of last item is version ID.
    1. MEBXHQ:When?
      1. ME63C1:on 2012.11.23fri and 2012.11.24sat -see those links!
      2. ME643H:again some day(s) likely in 2012.12(Dec) or 2013.01(Jan) –check back here for latest details.
    2. ME6426:Where? Th[……]MORE
Sep 242012

MAVROU:OCAndroid Main Meetup #61(pdt2012.10.18thu1800-2200: including ANDROID AS A CONTROLLER OF OTHER DEVICES): DISCUSSION THREAD OF WHAT WILL, IS, & DID HAPPEN beyond the event listing

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M325R1:For what is posted here & how, please read each link above, especially the last one; then PLEASE COMMENT HERE AND ADD MORE TOPICS & POINTS!
    2. M90U53:series post:all,(event:prior,next).
  2. M33Q1M:Additional document history, in order:

    1. MAVRUV: I Destiny create this by, on the (the prior one=[……]MORE
Sep 152012

MAFGW2: especially missing details

  1. MAFGYV: Defintion
    1. MAFH00:See comments for content. Maker & others will themselves ideally reply-comment there else authors here can repost there the answers from the maker and others.
  2. M31R7R:Some Additional document history, in order:

    1. MAFGLD:began an email to but then realized those details would be best publicly shared, so
    2. MAFGTL: now created this post
      1. MA0XN8:for: holding the main content
      2. MA0XOK:How:
        1. MA0Y[……]MORE