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  1. NI9HMH:  click http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/update-core.php
    1. NI9HMH:  content, quote:

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Jan 012015
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  1. NHJ5JP:  Title: Wifi Internet for Simulsquad™ and similar meetings
  2. NHJ5KU:  Difficulty: seems to me pretty hard (since started ~2012) since
    1. NHJ7RS:  Still many otherwise good venues don’t wireless Internet, else it’s not reliable,
    2. NHJ7SA:  cellular Internet is costly, and while prices are dropping, seems demands (as video: Netflix) are increasing, so do not see a future where it truly can be given away free
    3. NHJ7VN:  how easily share cellular Internet, espeically someone often unknowingly racking up big expenses, isn’t readily known, including given evey meeting h[……]MORE