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PEGK9K: do all software updates due now: {WordPress 4.9.4->4.9.8 ‘:PEGKM0’}+‘‘Plugin’ updates: select all 7 :PEGLB2’+‘‘Theme’ updates: select all 9 :PEGLFW’ :PEGK9K

  1.  PEGKCK:  so category ‘this site’s backup-then-Update NQ959D’
  2. PEGKCX:  motivated by from biggest
    1.  PEGKGN:  {‘pretty links’  ‘bug: for ‘target URL: some not all :PEEMJ6’, will say it succeeds but nothing created :PEEMHZ’} plus ‘Pretty Link You have version 2.0.8 installed. Update to 2.1.7. View version 2.1.7 details.’ per PEGJYF
    2. PEGKM0:  now ‘WordPress 4.9.4 running Suffusion theme.’ but u[……]MORE